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The following are notable events in Andrew’s calendar.


OASIS Symposium, April 15-20, San Diego, California
Andrew will discuss some of the technology issues facing organizations when they attempt to respond to change in the business environment, and how these issues may be rooted in how we think about and deliver software systems. Some of the background for this presentation may be found in the “Is ‘REST API’ an Oxymoron?” post on this site, but the presentation puts these issues in a business context.


InfoSeCon 2006, May 8-10, Dubrovnik, Croatia
Andrew will once again be speaking at the InfoSeCon security conference in Dubrovnik. This year, he will be speaking about privacy from both a business and technical perspective.
SOA for E-Government, May 23-24, McLean, Virginia
Andrew will present a case study of the Irish Government’s Public Services Broker (PSB) project as an implementation of SOA to enable E-Government in Ireland. The slides from the presentation are available from
OASIS Adoption Forum 2006, November 28-29, London, England
Andrew will discuss some of the considerations and implications in choosing a federated identity model within your SOA infrastructure and how they affect the authentication and authorization of message delivery. The slides from the presentation are available from